Paramjeet’s – lovingly called as ‘Param’ji in the sangha – has come a long way in his journey. From heading the strategic units of top global FMCG companies like Coke to living a life dedicated to finding his inner truth – From indulging in the excesses of everything that life has to offer to living a life of austerity and simplicity – From traveling & living all around the world to finding himself a quiet corner in “Pune” – the city of Osho. Paramji’s tranformation over last 11 years has been nothing short of a rebirth. And this transformation didn’t just stop at him, but rippled over to all people connected to him – his family, his friends and relatives – like a rising wave, with almost all of them meeting regularly without fail over last six years for internal Satsanghs (spiritual dialogues). In his current work as a food consultant, Paramji is playing his part steering the eating habits of masses towards natural food products. Paramji also serves as a Managing Trustee of SSF, where he leverages his decades of experience of building institutions towards setting up robust spiritual organisations and projects which can spread the work of consciousness, even beyond our lifetimes.

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