Atul Shrivastava

A part-time householder, part time corporate professional , a part time social volunteer but a FULL TIME seeker of truth. Even in the chaos of the marketplace Atul finds himself anchored in his inner silence through the inseparable practice of dhyaan (meditation), something that took birth in him through the years he spent exploring different paths and schools of yoga. An IIT-IIM alumnus with a successful MNC corporate career, he believes the existence put him through the rigorous training early on in life so that the cultivate skillets can someday be used for the cause of spreading the light. He currently manages content creation, digital presence and social media for all Saadho Sangha activities in India- so that the work of Saadho Sangha and Sri Anish can touch as many lives as possible. As a trustee in Saadho Sangha foundation, he works relentlessly towards creating a sustainable setup which can channelize sangha’s energy into projects that not only create overall wellbeing but also intensifies everyone’s sadhana by cultivating the dimension of karma yoga in them.

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