Saadho Retreats

When our daily lives become all consuming, it is hard to see the wood from the trees. We are wrapped up in our responsibilities and routines, and after a while we lose sight of the bigger picture; the wonder of who we are, what is our truth, what is our purpose in life…?

Retreat means to take a step back from the world. It is a sacred opportunity to deepen one’s quest for truth by carving out space in our lives to go on an inner journey, and step out of our every day patterns; a process which is deeply supported by the retreat setting.

Take a step towards the divine and the divine will take 1000 steps towards you.

Saadho retreats are an integration of all aspects of human well-being and spiritual quest. Led by a Sri Anish, a living presence and guide to thousands of friends across the world, we can uncover our true nature and find our authentic inner path – aligning our highest aspirations to the way we live our life. Sri Anish has a unique way to bring ancient & contemporary teachings into our everyday context for us to connect, relate and grasp them. It is this unique lived andauthentic experience of his which makes each retreat a deep and life changing process.

Each retreat will incorporate yoga with our trained yoga teacher Shivani to reveal the true essence of yoga and take us on a journey from physical postures (asanas) to an expanded awareness of our body mind. Being lovers of kirtan and mantra chanting, our retreats also involve a sound journey via devotional music sessions and collective chants to take us deeper into the stillness of our being. There are also Group meditations to expand our awareness and get in
touch with our inner space of love light and peace and Walks in Nature to connect with our beloved Mother Earth.


What is the process of Meditation?

Meditation in Hindi is called ‘Dhyan’ which literally means ‘Being Attentive’.
In our day to day life, our mind is very distracted, it keeps jumping from one thought to another, it doesn’t allow us to be ‘attentive purely’ on anything. And whenever we experience ‘attentiveness’ it is short lived and not pure. An ‘impure attentiveness’ binds us, entangles us and we get attached to the object/thought of our attention. The pure attentiveness of Dhyan is a state where the mind is not scattered, rather it is open, focused and expansive. It is a deep relaxing state, where the boundaries of individuality starts to fade away and the universality or oneness of being is deeply experienced.

Meditation is an essential process to move towards a nurtured, fulfilled, enjoyable and centred life. One can simply think of it as a state of awakened restfulness for the body-mind. We give rest to our body every day, but we don’t give rest to our mind. Even during the sleep, our mind keeps running from one though to another in the form of dreams. It’s only thanks to nature, which allows us dreamless deep sleep, that our mind gets some rest. But this rest is not sufficient for our conscious evolution. This involuntary rest of mind in deep sleep is good enough to keep us sustained through the daily dynamics of life, it is helpful to keep us afloat and sane, but it cannot take us on the path of higher awakening or deeper sensitivity.

Our uncontrolled mind is a great leak in our life energies. It is always distracted, entangled in the mundane; it doesn’t allow us any window to look at the higher possibilities of our own inner states.

Since most of our attention usually flows outwards to external objects directly or indirectly, it is easier to use this habit of our mind to begin the practice of meditation. So, we can start to meditate on an outer form, it could be a deity, nature or an element etc. Through this, we start to restrict the movement of the mind. Similarly, one can pour their meditative attention on a thought and contemplate on it. We can chant a mantra in repetition and pour our attention on it or we can use any such technique of meditation that suits our nature. Many practitioners also meditate on the formless aspect of the divine. Through all the methods, slowly, the mind of practitioner starts to dwell only on the inner stillness and a deep unwavering silence starts to descend. This is the state when the mind of the meditator becomes totally absorbed in the cosmic mind.

Many thousands of years ago, when ancient sages entered the deepest state of silence, they experienced a sound which they called the “sound of silence”. They realised that the closed sound of this silence, which a human body’s vocal system is capable of producing, is the sound of AUM.

The sound of AUM comprises of 3 letters: A, U & M. These are the only three sounds that we can produce without using our tongue. All other sounds that we produce is a combination of these 3 basic sounds and we use our tongue as a tool to mix these 3 basic sounds and produce a myriad of other sounds. These 3 basic sounds of A, U & M are also called the primordial sounds or existential sounds.

AUM is a universal sound; it doesn’t belong to any particular religion, culture or geography. In fact every tradition has used AUM but with slightly different variations. E.g. in Hinduism, they have used AUM, in Sikhism they use OMKAR, in Buddhism they use the mantra of “OM mani padme HUM”, in Islam it is AMIN and in Christianity its AMEN. These are all different variations of the same primordial sound of AUM.

Among the three letters of AUM, the letter A represents the beginning, the letter U represents the growth and the letter M represents dissolution. Therefore, the letters A, U and M stand for creation, preservation and dissolution. And also for the 3 states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

When you practice the AUM chant, the sound of “A” can be felt as a vibration that manifests itself near the navel or abdomen; the “U” can be felt vibrating around the chest, and “M” vibrates around the face & head region. The abdominal vibration symbolizes Creation; it is interesting that the “creative” or reproductive organs are also located in the lower abdomen. The vibration of the chest represents Preservation, which is also where the lungs are situated (the lungs sustain or preserve the body through the breath). The vibration of the head is associated with Destruction or sacrifice, since all that is to be given up or destroyed is first destroyed mentally. Hence, the entire cycle of the universe and all it contains, is said to be symbolised in AUM.

AUM chanting is a journey from the gross to subtle, and ultimately to the subtlest aspect of reality. It is a journey from a noisy mind to a still mind. It is movement from doing to non-doing. It is a movement towards stillness and it is an art of turning the gaze inward.

AUM is also the fountain of life, light, warmth, love and well-being; the soft intonation of AUM transforms all negative thoughts, beliefs and anxieties into more positive and life-giving vibrations.

The chanting of AUM is the process of synchronization of body, mind, breath, intellect and spirit with the whole cosmos. Humanity is truly blessed to have discovered this soundless sound of AUM.

May we all find the universal & timeless mysteries of AUM within us.


Sound, Silence, Togetherness...

Kirtans are the arrangement of mantras and prayers set to musical notes and rhythms to invoke deep feelings of pure divine love, celebration, remembrance & gratitude.

Through kirtan we can guide our awareness to a place that is quiet and still. In the presence of the collective group, the process of kirtan can become much deeper and long lasting.

Participants are encouraged to participate in any way they may like – through listening, singing, swaying, dancing, clapping – however life wants to express itself!

Saadho Kirtan

Saadho Kirtan is a beautiful mix of traditional Eastern mantras and prayers with Western melodies and harmony.

We also experiment with powerful meditations on sound; which brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings.

Saadho Kirtan tours across Europe and India, offering sound, kirtan and meditation immersions for those who wish to experience the deeper connectivity with existence through these transformative practices.

We also share regular meditations on the sacred sound of OM. These practices are offered in workshop and retreat settings where we explore and deepen our experiential understanding of the universal ‘OM’ and meditate on this primordial sound. Participants are encouraged to weave these powerful practices into their everyday lives for maximum benefit.

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Meet the Saadho Kirtan Team

Anandi, Sonya, Neil and Daisy have toured around Europe, the UK and India to share Kirtans. Their journey started in the South of England with yoga teacher training and intense yoga sadhana for many years. During this time they became established in leading regular kirtans and have played at many yoga studios, spiritual festivals and released two albums. They seek the stillness and silence within and are dedicated to sharing the journey of sound and yoga as a joyful, collective means to experience deep connectivity with existence. As a collective they offer sound, kirtan and meditation immersions for those who wish to establish themselves in these transformative practices

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“You raise me up so I can stand on mountains“!! After
feeling like my spirits will never be lifted, you guys
helped me see the light again. We definitely cannot walk
this path alone. Thank you for the opportunity to come
together to share the flow, the music and the love. So
much Love and gratitude to you, Neil and Daisy “
~ J.A July ‘19


The Truth of Yoga is One...

This world seems like a magical place and this life, very mysterious. In this one world, there is one truth and one reality. But human perceptions are endlessly different. These different perceptions create multiplicity and make us feel and relate with this “one truth” differently. Similarly, the truth of Yoga is one, but it is perceived differently by different people.

For some, it’s a way of achieving physical strength and stability. For others, it’s a way of bringing perfection in (Asana) body postures. Some perceive it as a great body shaping exercise while others as essential practices for a spiritual seeker.

Yoga means “Unity”: It is an ancient science of healing, nourishing and integrating all life energies; physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cosmic. It is the union of the body, mind, breath and individual sense of “I”ness with the collective self. It is a great play of uniting individual consciousness with collective cosmic consciousness.

At the physical level – Yoga brings strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall well being

At the mental level – Yoga brings emotional balance, confidence and clarity of thoughts

At the spiritual level – Yoga brings contentment, peace, joy, stillness and a sense of connectedness within and without

Saadho's Offering of Yoga

The practices of ‘Asanas’ and ‘Pranayama’ form the foundation on path of Yoga. Once the body along with five senses is trained and established in stillness and unity, then, the mind is also disciplined by joining the awareness of breath with each practice; this opens the door to enter into deeper dimensions of Yoga.

We have been offering our continuous learning of Yoga in India, UK & Germany by way of drop-in classes, specific courses, Yoga therapies and Yoga retreats.

Yoga as a way of life...

Saadho Sangha integrates all paths of Yoga in a beautiful harmony through its works, offerings and gatherings. From the practices of Hatha yoga, chanting of Mantras, singing divine splendors as Kirtans, dialogues (Satsanghs) to clear the fog of doubts and meditations, to collective works towards the well-being of all, friends of Saadho have been exploring, experiencing and integrating all paths of Yoga as a way of life. And in this process, each friend adapts to a particular path or a combination of paths based on his/her own attribute (Guna) composition.

Eventually a divine integration takes place and every single thought, word and action in our life becomes Yoga.

Meet the Saadho Yoga Teachers


Saadho's offering of Dialogues

Guided by this ancient oral tradition, Saadho has made ‘Satsangh’ (spiritual dialogues) an integral part of its work of spreading the light of consciousness. Sri Anish has been guiding many spiritual aspirants across the world using this powerful way of conducting deeper dialogues. These are very interactive gatherings, where aspirants get an opportunity to ask questions about their concerns or difficulties that they are facing on the inner journey and get clarity, pointers, inspiration and insights on how to deal with them and move beyond.

These gatherings are open to anyone who wants to explore one’s inner world, irrespective of one’s belief system, spiritual affiliations or type of school of yoga/meditation one subscribes to.

An Ancient path... for modern times

In ancient times, pointers on the path of inner awakening and spiritual teachings were shared in the ‘oral tradition’. Sages knew that it is not just the content of teaching that enables the seeker to gain clarity and direction but it is the strength of spiritual vibration that flows from the teacher and which becomes amplified in a collective sangha setting. The process of writing down knowledge, documenting it and creating scriptures came much later.

This oral way of sharing wisdom and guiding seekers on the path is still one of the most impactful mediums to bring spiritual transformation. In the Indian tradition, the word for this way of sharing, guiding and inspiring people on the path is ‘Satsangh’. It is a beautiful word made up of two different words, ‘Sat’ meaning ‘Truth’ and ‘Sangha’ meaning ‘in the company of’. So, ‘Satsangh’ literally means, ‘in the company of or communion with Truth’.

Dialogues with Sri Anish