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Kirtans are the arrangement of mantras and prayers set to musical notes and rhythms to invoke deep feelings of pure divine love, celebration, remembrance & gratitude.

Through kirtan we can guide our awareness to a place that is quiet and still. In the presence of the collective group, the process of kirtan can become much deeper and long lasting.

Participants are encouraged to participate in any way they may like – through listening, singing, swaying, dancing, clapping – however life wants to express itself!

Saadho Kirtan

Saadho Kirtan is a beautiful mix of traditional Eastern mantras and prayers with Western melodies and harmony.

We also experiment with powerful meditations on sound; which brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings.

Saadho Kirtan tours across Europe and India, offering sound, kirtan and meditation immersions for those who wish to experience the deeper connectivity with existence through these transformative practices.

We also share regular meditations on the sacred sound of OM. These practices are offered in workshop and retreat settings where we explore and deepen our experiential understanding of the universal ‘OM’ and meditate on this primordial sound. Participants are encouraged to weave these powerful practices into their everyday lives for maximum benefit.

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Meet the Saadho Kirtan Team

Anandi, Sonya, Neil and Daisy have toured around Europe, the UK and India to share Kirtans. Their journey started in the South of England with yoga teacher training and intense yoga sadhana for many years. During this time they became established in leading regular kirtans and have played at many yoga studios, spiritual festivals and released two albums. They seek the stillness and silence within and are dedicated to sharing the journey of sound and yoga as a joyful, collective means to experience deep connectivity with existence. As a collective they offer sound, kirtan and meditation immersions for those who wish to establish themselves in these transformative practices

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“You raise me up so I can stand on mountains“!! After
feeling like my spirits will never be lifted, you guys
helped me see the light again. We definitely cannot walk
this path alone. Thank you for the opportunity to come
together to share the flow, the music and the love. So
much Love and gratitude to you, Neil and Daisy “
~ J.A July ‘19