How can Self Acceptance Change your Life


Many of us have been struggling with parts of our personality, habits or behaviors which we don’t like and want to change, but we have not been fully successful in that. Sri Anish in a recent dialogue with seeker friends, shared the secret of self-acceptance – which he revealed is the way to evolve out of our current struggle in dealing with such issues.

Our inherent Connectedness (English)


On some level we may have an understanding that we are all connected…but how do we turn this into our lived reality? Sri Anish has some helpful words in these clips.

The Roots of Desire (english)


In this clip Sri Anish answers the questions: What is a Desire? and what is a heartfelt longing?

In this clip, Sri Anish answers a question which arises for many of us – What happens to our personal desires, wants and needs when we embark on the journey towards oneness..