The 4 Brahma Viharas of Buddha (Hindi)

Introduction to Buddha's Divine Virtues

Gautama Buddha talked about Brahma Viharas – the divine virtues that every seeker must embrace on the path to self-realization. Sri Anish took seekers through an elaborate process of unraveling these teachings of Buddha in an open Saadho satsangh last month where he also explained practical ways to cultivate these indispensable attributes as part of our sadhana (seeking).

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Maitri, the way Buddha meant it, is “Loving kindness”, an unconditional bhaav that expands to all sentient beings as opposed to common understanding of “friendship” which is exclusive and transactional. True detachment can only happen in a state of pure Maitri, everything else leads to attachment. Sri Anish then introduced us to “Maitri Sadhana”, potent ways by which a saadhak can establish oneself step-by-step in the bhaav of Maitri – something which over time will give birth to the second virtue i.e. Karuna (compassion).

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Unlayering the true meaning of Karuna, we realized it’s NOT the same as the feeling of pity or sympathy upon encountering someone in pain but rather it is the capacity to feel the dukha (suffering) of all beings, even the ones not around. Sri Anish pointed out that before the bhaav of Karuna surges in a saadhak, one must learn to decouple emotions from perceived dukha to retain one’s centering amidst all the suffering around.

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Most sadhaks become overtly serious and dull in their journey as they ignore the all-important virtue of Mudita or Joyfulness. Sri Anish started off with laying down the different planes of Joyfulness we traverse through, starting from gross to subtle – Sensory joy –> Ego-driven joy –> Creative joy –> Collaborative joy –> Cosmic joy. Most humans never go beyond the first two planes of Joy (Sensory & Ego driven), as Saadhaks we need to constantly elevate ourselves to higher planes of joy through conscious practice of Seva bhav and Creative expressions.

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Upeksha, is the state of living in “sambhav” or “equanimity” towards the dualities of life. Sri Anish pointed out that the whole life is nothing but a play between forces of attraction and repulsion. With each of our action or thought, we are trying to either attract/acquire certain objects & experiences or repel/avoid certain others. The sadhana of Upeksha is all about transcending these opposite forces, and starting to live the life at the center, the “Madhya” where the silence resides. But the path to Upeksha goes through the first 3 brahma viharas of Maitri, Karuna & Mudita, so a seeker intending to establish himself in Upeksha must prepare his ground by imbibing the other three divine virtues first.

For daily practice, the link to the 15 mins audio of breath-watching guided meditation (Hindi) is available here: